One wash restores your garments to new
Ready to take the next step towards an even smarter wardrobe? BIORESTORE is a revolutionary laundry care product that restores your worn-out cotton garments in one single wash. It removes pilling, refreshes colour, renews prints, and revives surface and shape. It may sound like magic. But it’s just science.
Tried and tested
BIORESTORE is made with enzymes and consciously selected ingredients, each with a role to play in making your well-used wardrobe heroes look new again. It is suitable for 100% cotton and cotton blend fabrics, so keep this in mind when inventing your wardrobe. And hey, take a look at these amazing results.
This nostalgic print got its vivid colours back.
This faded floral top got a little colour refresh.
No more pilling on this comfy t-shirt.
This jungle pattern got its radiance back.
These favouite trousers got a revived surface.
These leggings got their colours (and their rawr) back!
Less pilling, more colour.
We finally brought Mammoths back to life!
How do I use it?
Another great thing with BIORESTORE is that it’s super easy to use. You only need a washing machine (and some cotton garments that have seen their best days). Here are some handy tips for you.
Don’t mix and wash
Like with regular washing, you need to separate white clothes from coloured clothes. 
The more the merrier
It’s ok to wash several garments at a time. Weigh your dry clothes so the dosage becomes accurate. One sachet is enough for 0.35 kg of cotton textile. 
Keep it clean
Make sure the dispenser drawer is clean before adding BIORESTORE. If the powder gets stuck in the dispenser during wash, add a small amount of water and rinse it out. 
Right temperature
The active enzyme ingredient needs consistent exposure to a 40°C temperature and a continuous movement of the cycle in the machine. 
Clean and dry clothes only
You must wash your clothes with regular detergent if they are stained, soiled or have a wrong odour, before treating them with BIORESTORE. 
Tumbe dry – yes, or no?
Tumble drying is the optimal way to complete the BIORESTORE process as this adjusts the fibres and removes any remaining pilling and lint. 
If your garment can’t withstand tumble drying, you can wash the garment in a quick program to remove any residue then line dry.
BIORESTORE works on denim garments too. Indigo denim may experience a slight lightning effect, just like after a regular wash. 
Vintage and second hand
BIORESTORE can restore your vintage jewels. Just make sure their condition is good enough to be machine washed. 
Before and after pictures
All wardrobe success should be celebrated. Take a photo before using BIORESTORE and be amazed by the transformation. 
The most sustainable garment is the one you already own