How to succeed with a babyshower

Are you planning a babyshower? Lovely! We know how to create the surprise party with that little extra.

With smart planning, decorations, gifts and plays you will for sure give the mother to be (and maybe even the father?) some extra energy and joy before the longed-for baby arrives.

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The planning

A babyshower is usually held in the end of the pregnancy, around week 30. Don´t forget to check the mother´s schedule; You don´t want her to be occupied with other plans the day the babyshower occurs. Maybe someone can book her up with a sweet little lie? Send out the invitations a couple of weeks before the big day to make sure as many as possible will be there to celebrate with you.

The decorations

The secret of a united and luxurious feeling is to go by a colour theme. Use the same colour range on balloons (helium balloons are so festive), pastries, tablecloths, confetti, garlands, gifts and flowers. Maybe even your clothes? The more matched the merrier. Soap bubbles will add a magical touch to it.

The coffee tables

Cup cakes may be the most popular pastries on babyshowers. They are eye catchy and easy to top with beautiful decorations of strollers, dummies and bows. And who can disagree with cookies, cake pops, ice cream in beautiful bowls or a delicious cake? Follow the colour theme here as well. An alcohol-free drink will give that extra spark to it.
The gifts

Now: The gifts. Appreciated gifts to future parents are pregnant/newborn photo shoots, baby clothes in different sizes, cuddly toys, chewing toys, comfy blankets, soft nursing clothes, a spa day to the mother or a gift certificate for baby swim. Maybe someone can offer to cook a dinner, clean the parents´ house or babysitting the siblings? Check with the other guests to make sure you´re giving different gifts.

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The games

What does the mother like? Does she appreciate playful games or is she more of a personal quiz kind of person? A typical babyshower game is to guess what date the baby will be born, its sex, name, weight and length. In another one you´re divided in groups where each group receives a letter. Write down as many names as possible which start with that chosen letter and give the lists to the mother.

“My friends picked one song each that they associated with our friendship. The songs were played and I tried to pair the song with the right friend. That was fun!”
- Ida Warg, Swedish influencer and mother of Elvis

A babyshower is the perfect opportunity to hang out with your friends and spoil the future mother. After all, that´s why it´s called “babyshower”; you´ll “shower” the mother with gifts and appreciation. 

We wish you the best of luck with your babyshower!

Lindex’ babyshower
Children are always worth celebrating. Therefore, Lindex sometimes arranges our own sparkling babyshowers. Get ready to get inspired by an event that’s entirely focusing on the world of babies.
At Lindex’ babyshowers you can create personalized gifts, listen to inspirational lectures, eat and drink good, discuss baby clothes with our talented staff, exchange experiences with other parents or just enjoy the festive atmosphere. Keep your eyes open for when Lindex’ babyshower comes to your town.