Lindex invests in lingerie made from recycled lace

Now we can offer lingerie in lace, made from recycled polyamide.

Actually it's quite complicated, since there are just a few suppliers of recycled polyamide on the market. But the result is a delicate lace with the same fine features as the conventional one, and in addition it's a bit softer. 


– We always try to think as sustainably as possible for our garments, in longevity, materials and processes. And a big part of our assortment is already made from more sustainable materials. Offering lace made from recycled polyamide is a further step in this commitment, lingerie designer at Lindex, Elin Elmhager Semeraro, says.

The recycled lace has the same fine features as conventional lace. For example, it's just as elastic and hard-wearing. In addition, it's actually a bit softer as the material has been processed several times.
World-leading supplier
The process of making lace in recycled polyamide is the same as in the production of the conventional lace. But today there are very few players on the market that provide recycled polyamide. Unifi, which according to themselves are world-leading in producing recycled polyester and polyamide, and one of few suppliers that has great knowledge of the recycled fiber. We are proud of our collaboration with Unifi, which makes it possible for Lindex to offer a more sustainable alternative.
Production without spillovers
In production Unifi uses leftovers from the polyamide production. No spillovers that is. Everything is mixed and melted down to recycled polyamide. The same polyamide we use when producing our laces, which in turn takes place at our lace supplier.

– Acting sustainable in product design and choice of materials is super important to us at Lindex. And something we're always aiming for. Therefore, we're very happy and proud also offering lingerie made from recycled polyamide.
The lace is already available in store
A big part of the lace assortment this summer will be made from recycled lace.

– In the past we had a smaller collection made from recycled lace, but this time we invest more and go for a distinct lace program in many beautiful colours.

Just as the rest of our sustainable products, the recycled lace is marked with "Sustainable Choice" so that you will find it easily.

– We have produced a really beautiful summer lace that you can find in stores now, it has already become very popular.