Easy start with baby starter kit

There are many things to think of when having a baby.

We make it easier for you, now launching our super cute and soft baby starter kit, filled with exactly the garments your newborn baby will need. And psst to grandma, grandpa, colleagues and friends, this is also the perfect gift, all wrapped in a fine jersey bag. 

– With this baby starter kit we want to offer something smooth and easy with everything you need for your newborn baby, all wrapped in a soft jersey bag. It is easy to buy and appreciated to get, the perfect gift, says Katarina Falk, buyer at Lindex Children's Department.

The first baby wardrobe
The starter kit contains everything you need: soft leggings, a cap, jersey footies, a smart wrap bodysuit with “Extended size solution” and an extra piece of cuteness, for example a blanket, cardigan or teddy bear.

– And we truly like the bag that the kit comes in. A lovely textile bag in soft jersey. Perfect on the go, filled with some extra changes for possible accidents or as storage for diapers or toys.
The kit is available in size 50-62. You order it online. And remember, you can always make your order in our stores. Just ask our staff and they will help you.
Check out the checklist
We know there's a ton of things to think of when prepping for your newborn. The starter kit makes it a bit easier. And we've also made a checklist for help and inspiration, when creating that very first wardrobe with newborn necessities. For example pyjamas, a comfy bath towel, snuggles and a cuddly toy. Let the list guide you.
It’s GOTS certified
We only use organic cotton in our baby collections and all cotton garments are GOTS certified. That proofs that coloring, printing and every part of the production process are approved by the GOTS´ criteria. This is clothes made with fair terms. Hoorah!
A product marked with GOTS must be produced from at least 70% organic fibers and this standard covers even all the processes in the production such as yarn spinning, preparation and accessories until the garment is finished.