What is a cookie?

There are two different types of cookies. One saves a text file during a longer time but has an expiry date. This cookie tells you, among other things, what´s new since your last visit. The other type of cookie is called a session cookie and it hasn´t got an expiry date. The cookie is saved temporarily as long as you´re visiting our site and helps us know for an example what kind of language you want to use. As soon as you close your session the cookie will be deleted.


Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies at lindex.com for different reasons like keeping track of the products that you have in your shopping bag so they don´t disappear. We also use cookies to get statistic about our visitors. We need this statistic to develop Lindex Shop Online and make your user experience as pleasant as possible. The information is not available for other external parts than Lindex.

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