Evelin Kägo is the winner of the best design idea and the design student who got to create her own collection together with Lindex design team. This is Tomorrow. Be prepared for the new.
A stylish statement. Invest in the maximalist trousers to give your outfit an uplifting look.
New and exciting mixes where the knits and transparent layer will give your look a new expression.
The boxy fit and the colour combination is what makes this jacket a must-have sartorial piece.
Cobalt, cool, contemporary. Mix the statement styles with the blue top to balance the look.
The collection can easily be matched to form new experimental styles.
With her final graduation collection from Borås School of Textilies, Color Perception, Evelin Kägo is the winner of the prize best design idea. Visually energetic and voluminous with a delightful balance between solid and transparent surfaces is what makes these pieces stand out.

“Key for my collection is the relationship between knitted and printed textile layers in garments as well as the exploration of how colors influence each other.”

If you are looking for something more experimental, artistic and colourful, then the new TOMORROW collection is right up your game.


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