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Maternity Wear


    Tops & bottoms


      Keep the style with maternity wear

      Just because you are pregnant you surely don't want to stop caring about your look. And when the body changes and the belly is growing it's perhaps more important then ever with to fill the wardrobe with pieces you really like and that make you feel beautiful. Thanks to our wonderful collection of maternity wear you will keep the style from top to toe, even when the baby bump gets bigger.

      The collection contains stylish and comfy maternity wear - pieces that will be as great as maternity clothes but also for just become mummies, when the body hasn't had time to adjust from the pregnancy.

      More than cosiness

      When you're expecting it's great with comfortable garment, even though you don't want the wardrobe to be just cosy. We have neat jeans, slim trousers and gorgeous maternity dresses and skirts - that are both comfy and stylish. Regardless if you choose leggings, jeggings or maternity jeans, all our trousers have a wide, soft and stretch jersey trim to waist, perfect for growing bellies.

      The perfect pieces for nursing

      Except for all trendy maternity tops, dresses and sweaters, you will also find practical nursing wear - comfortable and smart nursing camisoles and maternity bras. It's a must for breastfeeding, so smooth and easy to unbutton with only one hand. We also have briefs that are extra soft and comfy for big bellies. And of course tights with special shape for mums to be. You can easily order your favorites here on the site to try at home in peace and quiet.

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