How to find the perfect knickers

In here you’ll get all the information you need to find exactly that pair of knickers you are searching for, no matter what fit, waist level and material you’re after. 
Find your fit
When they’re really comfy, you barely notice they are there. Great knickers make an essential foundation for any outfit. Below we’ll guide you through all the details you need to find your new favourites. 
Our most classic fit, providing coverage both by a low leg line and great side coverage.
Knickers that come with full coverage, wide sides and goes down a bit on the leg.
Knickers with legs and high coverage, perfect to wear under a skirt or dress. 
With medium coverage, high leg cut and narrow side coverage.
A mix of the brief and the thong, featuring less coverage at the back.
With the least coverage of all our knickers, the thong is designed to make sure no panty lines are showing.
Find your waist rise
Our low rise knickers are great together with lower cut trousers and skirts.
Not low, not high waist. Our regular waist knickers sit a bit higher than the low ones.
Between high waist and regular waist, the midi rise comes with a bit more coverage over the tummy.
Our high waisted knickers come in many different looks and materials.
Function & features
Smooth as can be, without side seams, giving you that super soft and comfy feel.
With laser-cut trims our invisible knickers are made not to be seen, no matter what clothes you wear over them.
Our shaping knickers come with different waist rise, and both long and short legs.
Maternity knickers
Super comfy knickers with the perfect fit during the entire pregnancy.
Period panties

Female Engineering 

Science-based, period-proof panties that keep you fresh, dry and super comfy.

Cotton knickers are a great choice as the material is soft and breathable. Many of our cotton knickers are GOTS certified, and made from organic cotton. 
Tencel™ Lyocell
Knickers in Tencel™ Lyocell feel soft and smooth on the skin. The material comes from responsible forestry and is produced with lower impact on the environment. The production takes place in a closed loop system where the chemicals are reused.
TENCEL™ Modal, a more sustainable option compared to conventional modal. The material comes from responsible forestry and is produced with lower impact on the environment.
Lightweight and elastic, underwear in polyamide keeps its shape and is soft and comfy to wear. Many of our knickers are made from recycled polyamide.  
Knickers size guide
Not sure about what size to get? Don’t worry, we have a guide for that.
Most common questions

What’s the difference between seamless and invisible?

- With laser-cut trims, our invisible knickers are perfect to wear underneath figure-hugging clothes. Seamless knickers aim to give you the best comfort possible, as they are crafted without any side seams creating a super smooth surface.

How can I make my knickers last longer?

- Make your fine bras and delicate briefs last longer by washing them carefully on a low temperature. Use our smart laundry bags that come in two sizes.

How do I find the perfect pair of knickers?

- If you’re having a hard time finding your perfect pair, scroll up and find all the info you need in our guide. And don’t forget, you can always get great support in our stores as well.

What sizes of knickers do Lindex offer?

- At lindex you’ll find knickers and briefs in sizes 34-56.

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