What we are aiming for

We may have started the journey, but there’s more to be done. And we are committed to keep working on changing old beauty ideals and broadening representation within fashion. 
To do this we will… 
Work towards a more diverse representation in our communication 
That means making sure that a broad range of ages, ethnicities, body types, functional variations, gender identities and everything that makes us humans are represented in our world.  
Show people as they are 
That means not using any beauty enhancing retouch or filters in any of our communication.  
Continue to listen  
We have a lot to learn from you. We know that because we have done it before. For example, we removed our sub brand Generous to make more women feel included. And starting this year we are implementing an annual inclusion measurement where we turn to women and ask for their thoughts and experiences when it comes to ideals and inclusion. 
These are just a few examples of areas we are working within. If you want to know more about what we do, please visit: 
Dig deeper
The subject of beauty ideals and inclusion is huge and can be difficult to grasp. The good news is that there are many good readings, videos, and other sources that digs deeper into the matter.

Here we will gather some of them if you want to know more. And feel welcome to save the link, because we will add more along the way. 
Real Talks – the documentary
We started by listening and asked a group of women to speak their mind about ideals and inclusion. This is what they said.