Period panties

How does period underwear / period panties work?

Period-proof underwear are reusable underwear that absorbs menstruation blood, prevents leaks, controls odour, and wicks moisture.​ This is possible due to the three layer technology; the patented Engineered Leak Tech™. The Engineered Leak Tech™ is built-in in the gusset of the underwear, absorbs the menstruation blood and keeps the body dry.​ The way you use period underwear are much like using regular underwear, but with an integrated absorbent function. It is worn throughout the day without leakage, discomfort and odour.​ 

Is the period panty leak-proof even if you bleed heavily?

Female Engineering® make period-proof underwear for all flow levels, from light to heavy bleeders. For those worried about bleeding more, we recommend starting out by wearing the period panty at home during a heavy bleeding day. That will put it to the test and make it easier to figure out how it works.​

How many times can they be used and washed? How long will they last?​

Our period panties are made to last at least 50 washes, which is far above industry standards. The number of washes is determined by the gusset absorption layer in our Engineered Leak Tech™, which has an antibacterial and anti-odour treatment that tends to lose a little bit of effectiveness after 50 washes. It is likely that the function of the panty will last longer though, but 50 washes is what we can guarantee. However, the fabric, form and fit of the panty will last a lot longer. If a panty is worn and washed once per menstruation cycle, it will last around 4 years.​

How much blood can the period underwear hold?

Our period-proof underwear come in different absorbency levels, much like disposable menstrual products: 

5 ml Mini ≈ ½ tampon/panty liner

10 ml Light ≈ 1 tampon/pad 

20 ml Medium ≈ 2 tampons/pads 

30 ml Mid-high ≈ 3 tampons/pads 

40 ml High ≈ 4 tampons/ pads 

50 ml Super ≈ 5 tampons/ pads 

From heavy period to lighter days:

Based on light panty liner, normal size tampon and normal sized pad. This means that the Mid-high period panty for example has the capacity to hold up to 30 ml of blood, which is almost equal to the total amount of the average menstrual fluid loss per one whole period - which is 35 ml (but varying between 20 and 80 ml).