Lindex Kids Performance Wear

Introducing a new kidswear collection that focuses on innovation and functionality, featuring outerwear with kinetic design constructed from durable fabric and smart functional details.
 The shell set, snow suit, wind fleece set, and padded lightweight set are all crafted with seams placed to follow the natural movement of the body, allowing your child to move unhindered during play.
“These are stylish and practical clothes. They can withstand and protect against all weather conditions - they keep out moisture and cold and they can also be used when it is getting warmer. 

They are comfortable clothes for a child to move around in – kids must be able to run and play and jump and climb without being restricted.”
Preschool teacher, Sweden
FUN-ctional outerwear
This collection is filled with amazing functional details that allow your kid to stay warm, dry, comfortable and unhindered while playing. But that's not all. Keep reading to learn more!
Kinetic design
In other words, designed to follow the natural movement of the body without constrictions that result from conventional patterns.
Taped seams along with waterproof material ensures the garment doesn't allow water to seep through the garment.
From light breeze to strong gusts, kids can stay warm and keep their feet firmly on the ground.
High abrasion resistance
The garment can withstand tough play on repeat.
Zip in system
Create a year-round set by adding or removing layers.
Drop seat
An integrated zipper at the seat means your kid doesn't have to take the whole garment off when nature calls. 
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