Layering made easy

The key to staying warm and dry during cold or rainy days? The answer is layering. Let us guide you through the basics.
Boy a lightweight and breathable base layer top and bottom

Layer 1

First thing first – start out by dressing your kids in a lightweight and breathable base layer top and bottom. We recommend a pair crafted from a soft wool blend or merino wool.

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Boy in a soft and durable fleece.

Layer 2

The mid layer both keeps the kids dry and insulates and traps body heat. Choose a soft and durable fleece crafted from recycled polyester.

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Boy in the shell layer - a overall.

Layer 3

Last but not least. The shell layer. This layer has a different function. It acts like a shield, protecting from snow, wind and rain. Go for a highly durable piece that can handle any adventure.

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