Kids’ mittens & gloves

Warm mittens and gloves are must-haves if the kids are going to be outside in the cold, rain or wind. Here you’ll find everything from thin knitted mittens, sturdy rain gloves and thumb mittens for the smaller kids, to ski gloves, waterproof gloves and smart reflective gloves.
Gloves and mittens for kids
Warm mittens and gloves are a must when it’s cold, windy and rainy outside. At Lindex, you can find a wide range of kids’ mittens and gloves for all kinds of weather and activities.   
When it's chilly outside during spring and autumn, our thin gloves are perfect. For snowy days out on the ski slope, lined and waterproof gloves are an obvious choice. Our fleece-lined rain gloves help keep the hands dry and warm. 
Many of the gloves are equipped with reinforced palms, elasticated cuffs and soft lining to make them both durable and comfortable.
Lindex magic gloves
What's so magical about our magic gloves? That would be the stretchy material that follows the shape of the hands for an optimal fit. Our knitted gloves for kids are available in different models and in a variety of colours.
Multipack gloves and mittens
Gloves can easily get lost, so why not buy multipacks so you always have a backup? Here you will find magic gloves in 2-pack and 6-pack. Has just one glove lost its way? We’ve all been there, and we have a solution. Buy only a right glove or left glove to pair up with the glove at home. Our water-repellent gloves and waterproof ski gloves are available both as pairs and individual gloves.