Make it new again

There's a deep, dark corner at the back of every wardrobe. A place only worn-out garments call home. But there's a way to bring them back to life. Spice them up again by remaking them into one of a kind pieces that are unique. Just like you.
Turn old into new
We've gathered a couple of hands-on advices to reinvent your worn-out items in a snap. From clever colouring techniques to personal patches, let your imagination run wild and do things your way.
Textile pens
A textile pen is made with specially formulated ink to permanently adhere to fabric. These little buddies are ideal for injecting new life into dull-looking garments.
They are quick and easy to apply, and can be used to draw, colour, or write on almost any fabric.
Pretty patches
Browse through our our collection of decorative patches, and discover a fun and super easy way to cover rips and stains. Reinvent your garment with a design you love, or maybe let your child choose the motif. A great way to help their creativity to develop.
Creative dyeing
With time and frequent use, the colour of your beloved treasures might fade. But luckily, dyeing garments can be both fun and easy. There are many techiques to choose from, and you can find dyes in your grocery store as well in Mother Nature. Make it red with the colour of a beetroot, or yellow with the skin from an onion. This method is called "extraction", since you're extraxting the natural colours from the product.