Female Engineering®
Female Engineering® is a femtech brand by Lindex, that finds solutions to women’s real needs. Developed in collaboration between Lindex’s underwear experts, scientists, and innovative partners.  
Female Engineering® offers innovative products for all stages in life. High-performing period-proof underwear designed to offer ultimate comfort and protection for both women and teens. Maternity underwear for support when needed the most. The next generation of delicate intimate care. Groundbreaking menopause clothing with patented technology that provides relief from hot flushes and night sweats. And there’s more to come.
"I'm completely sold on the period panties. I'm never going back to tampons!"
-Elin M
We find solutions to women’s real needs
We believe women have the right to complete freedom. To move as they want. Become what they want. We believe in using science and technology to make things happen through innovative solutions to women's real needs.
We call it Female Engineering®. It's what we do, and it's who we are.
Choosing reusable menstrual protection matters
Disposable sanitary products produce around 590,000 tonnes of waste a year. A large proportion of this waste is plastic – much of which inevitably ends up in landfills, where it takes more than 500 years to decompose.
Female Engineering’s period-proof underwear is engineered to replace disposable menstrual products entirely. The panties are tested to last for at least 50 washes. This means that if a pair is worn once per menstruation cycle, it will last for four years, helping you lead a more sustainable life. For you, for Mother Earth and for humanity.
Read more about our work and goals at femaleengineering-official.com
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