Make it sparkle with Tekla Severin

Want to be more colourful?

Tekla Severin is a colour pro and one of our models this autumn showing smart fashion styles. She dares you to be a bit more colourful everyday.


What’s your best colour trick?
– It's quite easy. Just try some colours. You won't be sorry, it gives you that spark. Salmon pink is my all time favourite. Dark green blue, brown and terracotta. Something bright and dull. It's the mix that makes it interesting.
What are your favourite pieces?
– I always go for something that stands out, and of course is colourful. And comfortable. Otherwise it's a no-no. My wardrobe is like a sparkling painting. I love the colours and patterns.
What trousers do you wear?
– I love them a bit cropped. It's also, fun to combine shorter trousers with statement socks. Make it pop with a pair of socks.
Dress smarter this autumn
Your Smart Wardrobe contains pieces you really love and that you want to wear day after day, season after season.
What is your smartest tip on how to be more mindful?
I love to show my outfits to people, so to wear them again and again is not a problem. On the contrary, that is mindful thinking to me.
Are you struggling with how often you shall wash your trousers?
As all garments, wash them carefully, in low temperature and not too often, air it outside once in a while instead. That'll make them last longer.