Love your knits. Forever.

Autumn and knits go together, well yes, since like forever. The knits are what you need for a smart wardrobe when the cold hits and you can of course style them endlessly.


We like it when a style gives you thousand of options. Think knits with dressy pants, with stylish skirts, together with your favourite dress, together with anything really. Pieces you can love and wear on repeat. That is smart.

The autumn colours are soft and somewhat muted. From crème white to burgundy, from green to different shades of brown. Cool and oversized polo-necks and cardigans with nice details are matched with knitted long dresses. A collection that is really nice to mix and match.
Style it your way.
The knitted skirt is making a comeback. Why not style it with the now so classic leo top? Stylish and warm at the same time. Or would you rather go for a pair of corduroys together with an oversized polo neck? It’s your style, so you decide how you would like to take on the knits this autumn. Either way, you can find all you need for a warm and stylish season in our stores or online now.
Make your own statement.
Knits does not always spell soft all the way from top til toe. Graphic patterns together with vegan leather trousers. That is what we call a fine match.
Premium quality for a look that last
Sometimes you want it to feel more premium, right? That is why we have created a Premium Quality collection with selected knits really made for be loved a long time. With finer qualities these are styles you will love year after year. This season we have worked with merino wool, regular wool and alpaca wool. Where you get the warm feeling from the wool while the wool mix from alpaca will give you a somewhat more luxurious and light feeling. A really good combination we think.
Love your knits. A long time.
A good knit is like a really good friend. A friend that will keep you warm when the cold hits and that friend that will be there for you when all feels a bit hard. So, what do you do with best friends? You take care of them of course. Love your knits and care for them deeply.
The accessories to top it off.
Cold outside? The autumn accessories will be your go-to. Wrap up in big comfy scarfs and top it off with a nice beanie. They come in many colours so easy for you to choose. It’s warm, pretty and lovely and we hope the cold are here to stay.