A new take on denim. For a new future.

We’re on a journey towards more sustainable denim. To keep it short, we want our denim to make a smaller impact on our environment, and encourage longevity, reuse, and recycling in all we do. Within the concept Better Denim we include »One Bottle, One Garment«, undyed, raw denim, and garments made of recycled cotton. Now, let’s take a closer look on how we can take steps towards more sustainable denim together.
Longevity & Circularity.
Our goal is to design and make denim that will fit you and feel comfortable for a really long time. If you take good care of them, wash them sparingly, they will last even longer and get shaped by you. And maybe, at some point along the way, you are finished with each other. Then, please can pass them on to the next person; and when they’re outworn, recycle them. By then, a new chapter starts: the one where your old jeans becomes something else.
One Bottle. One Garment.
Within our entire assortment where all is Better Denim, you will also find a selection of styles where we have gone even further with the most sustainable washing process possible. With innovative technology from Jeanologia, we have only used one bottle of water in the washing process. Instead of water, air and laser has achieved the denim look and feel. And the result? A 80% saving of water and a true statement piece. 
Now, remember to look for the »One Bottle. One Garment.« label when choosing your next denim garments.  
Washing denim the conventional way can use up to 45 liters of water per garment. By using new innovative technology from Jeanologia, air and laser are used in the processing instead of water to achieve the denim look and feel. Only one bottle of water has been used in the washing process for these denim styles. That is a 80% saving of water.
You will find the »One bottle. One garment.« label on a selection of Lindex denim styles. 
Natural denim
We’re exploring undyed denim, a completely natural version of denim. When manufacturing these garments we’ve used no dye, bleach or chemicals. At a closer look, you will notice that the fabric has natural variations and a more authentic texture, and you can even see the peels from the cotton seeds. Are you ready for an undyed, raw and unique denim expression?
I used to be a pair of jeans.
Ta-da! Here’s the future of denim. It’s not only a soft and stylish knitted vest with a hole-knitted pattern to front and a round ribbed neckline. It also holds the benefits of recycled cotton. It’s made of cotton that was already grown and processed and would have gone to waste. Instead it now gets another chance to be something great. This is also a lot more resource efficient and water saving method compared to growing new cotton. Actually, this vest might very well have been someone else’s jeans, and we could only imagine the adventures it has been on. Now, it’s time for you and the vest to go out and explore this new, circular, conscious take on denim. Welcome to a true denim revival!
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