Swedish fashion designer Malin Andrén


Lindex + By Malina

The Holiday Wardrobe.

–We are very proud to present a new design collaboration with the Swedish fashion brand By Malina.

The brand was founded in 2010 by the Swedish fashion designer Malin Andrén, with the vision to make every woman feel special and unique. Lindex and Malin together created a beautiful and effortless summer collection that will have your holidays covered for many summers to come.

Textile print

Malin looking at textile

“I was really flattered when Lindex asked me if I was interested in doing a collab. For me, Lindex have always been close to heart and I love how they work with diversity and empowerment of women. I’ve learned a lot on the journey and we’ve exchanged a lot of knowledge on the way. And I’m so thrilled about the result.” Says Malin Ek Andrén, founder of By Malina.

Clothes on rack

Malina scarf

The collection consists of 26 summer pieces that will take you from the beach to the party in no time at all. It is a vibrant collection inspired by the coasts of the Mediterranean, with bright summer patterns and hues.

We asked Malin about her favorite piece, and without hesitation she answered: the patterned maxi dress. “You can style it with just about anything. Flats, heels, you name it. It is super comfy and it always makes you look stunning.”

The collection will be available online.