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A mindful guide to

Your Smart Wardrobe

Hey summer, we want a wardrobe to love and use again and again. Guess what? It’s right here and we call it: Your Smart Wardrobe. A mindful solution in finding your style and shop more sustainably.

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Step 1.

Find the styles that are really you.

Simple fashion logic really. Just find out what summer styles you love, what pieces you feel great in and what styles have your name on it. Always start with you.

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Step 2

Find the colours you love.

Isn’t it great what colour can do for you? It can make feel fine, alive, happy and all the rest. So always choose the colours you love. Not what’s trendy, what’s you.

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Step 3.

Find the pieces that make you feel special.

The pieces in our wardrobe that makes us feel fantastic. A jumpsuit that stands out, a dress you feel like dancing in or a top that reminds you of endless summer nights. That is your special pieces.