How do I complain about a defect product?

Lindex shall ensure that each dispatch is carefully inspected before delivery to the Customer. Should the goods nevertheless be incorrect, damaged or defective upon the receipt by the Customer, Lindex shall remedy the defect free of charge.

To file a notice of defect, the Customer is requested to contact Lindex Customer Service>> with information about your claim. After this, the Customer should arrange the return delivery through, for example, local postal services and pay for the return shipping her-/himself. Please enclose the receipt for the shipping costs, along with the defective merchandise, and Lindex will cover the return shipment cost for you along with the refund for the defective items.

Once Lindex has received the damaged goods, we will within 14 days refund the Customer for the faulty item as well as for the costs of the return shipping.

If provided locally, you may also claim your merchandise to a local Lindex store in the country to which the merchandise was delivered.

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