Sold out Textured Jacket, EUR 29,95
Choose Straight High Jeans, EUR 49,99
Choose Long Organza Shirt, EUR 11,95
Choose Sleeveless Satin Dress, EUR 11,95

Make a personal statement

The most stylish silhouettes are here. An exciting mix
of ethnic statement patterns
and the clean sporty fashion and of course the updated denim.
Sold out Knitted Sweater, EUR 24,95
Choose Wide Trousers, EUR 17,95
Choose Pleated Chiffon Skirt, EUR 24,95
Choose Long Cotton Shirt, EUR 17,45
Sold out Small Shoulder Bag, EUR 19,99

Let the pattern play

This spring make sure to mix and match your patterns and colours to create that eclectic styling. From zebra stripes to color blocking, pleats to jumpsuits, go all in for maximum impact.
Choose Jumpsuit with Belt, EUR 34,95
Sold out Belt, EUR 4,95
Sold out Long Patterned Dress, EUR 48,95
Sold out Textured Jacket, EUR 29,95
Sold out Shopper, EUR 29,99
Choose Straight High Jeans, EUR 49,99
Choose Long Shirt, EUR 9,95
Choose Straw Hat, EUR 7,45
Choose Striped Linen Trousers, EUR 19,95
Choose Patterned Scarf, EUR 4,95
Sold out Leather Handbag, EUR 119,99

the wait

Stay tuned for the looks to arrive online and in store.
Want to know when? Just click on the item and we will inbox you when it's available.

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