Smart and sustainable

In our baby collections there are plenty of features and smart functions that make everyday life with a baby a little bit easier

For example, we know that nighttime diaper changes can make both parents and babies somewhat grumpy. That is why our baby pyjamas are equipped with a 2-way zip – a zipper that opens both from the neck and from the foot, which makes dressing and undressing easy. Like that, you get time for more important stuff. Like sleep.

Another smart thing about our baby garments is something we call Extended size solution. With one extra row of buttons in the crotch and foldable cuffs you can adjust the garment one size. In that way you can keep the same garment while your baby grows. Call it magical. Or just smart.

Choose Wrap Bodysuit with Birds, 9,99€

Prolonging the life of our baby garments is a part of all our sustainability efforts. We always use the best materials and fabrics in our baby collections so that the items can be inherited by younger siblings or be handed over to someone new. Something both the environment and your wallet will benefit from.

Choose Soft Toy Leopard, 9,99€
Choose 2-pack Scarves, 7,99€
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