Make your wardrobe smarter

Bring on the new season with a smart wardrobe. With selected styles that define you and pieces you love to wear. When your wardrobe is full of clothes that you really love, it will automatically become more useful. And another good note, it will give you more time in the mornings and leave less of a footprint on our planet. Choose well, choose for you, love your clothes, pass them on. That is a smart wardrobe.
Think before you shop.
Your wardrobe and the planet will thank you.
Our three-step guide
Looking for ways to update your wardrobe? Look no further, our three-step guide is a great tool for a more mindful way of shopping. The number one rule is to always find the styles that define you. Styles you love. Number two is to find the colours you love and number three the clothes that will elevate you look and take it to the next level. There they are three simple and smart steps for a more long-lasting wardrobe.
Step 1.
Find the styles that are you.
Step 2.
Find the colours you love.
Step 3.
Find the styles that make you feel special.
The hero pieces
To create a wardrobe that will work in the long run, a good thing to do is to invest in pieces that will be your true heroes. Start by looking through your own wardrobe, do you have clothes that have been with you season after season? Those are the styles that you should pay some extra attention to. Here below we have listed some smart choices that we think will help you create a long-lasting look.
The knits
The white shirt
The outerwear
The jeans
The little care guide
Easy ways on how to make your wardrobe last. Have a look at our care guide to find tips and tricks to let the clothes you love live longer.
Love reuse
Time to let someone else love your clothes as much as you have? Textile is a valuable resource and can be used a lot longer than we think.