Tights guide

Here you’ll find all you need to know about our tights assortment. Unsure of what tights to get? No worries. We’re here to guide you and keep your legs comfy all year round.
Shop by denier
Through sun, rain and all the seasons, we’ve got your legs covered. Choose between barely there sheer, heavy coverage or something in between. Here you’ll find all our denier.
15 denier

Get the bare leg look with our sheerest tights yet.

20 denier

Sheer coverage in neutral colours for warmer days. 

40 denier

Your trusty everyday tights for all occasions. 

50 denier

The medium coverage tights, perfect for transitioning weather. 

60 denier

Your all-year best friends for when you want a fuller coverage. 

80 denier

The thick full cover, here to warm your legs through the colder months. 

Shop by fit
Our tights assortment is home to everything from delicate patterns such as lace or knitted structures, shaping tights and neutral colours. Whatever your legs are craving, you’ll find it here.

Shaping tights to give you that extra control wherever you may need it. 


Sturdy tights here to support you with compression and stability. 


For when you want that bare leg look, but with a little bit of coverage. 


Dressy fits for days when you feel like something different. 


Our knitted tights will keep you warm and stylish through the colder seasons. 

Stay-ups & stockings

Add something special to your tights wardrobe with our stay-ups and stockings. 


Extra comfort for the growing body, and softness and support where it's needed.

Size guide
We know sizes can be a bit tricky sometimes. Haven’t found your perfect size yet? Look no further.
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Most common questions

What sizes do you offer? 

Our tights come in sizes from XS to XXL. There may be a difference in size depending on fit. For example, shaping tights may feel snugger than your everyday 40 denier. Have a look at our size guide if you feel insecure on what size to get.

How do I prevent my tights from getting static? 

We know that uncomfortable feeling! Spray some hairspray over your tights after putting them on to avoid them getting static and sticking to your skirt or dress.

How do I get help in the store to find my perfect fit?

Our staff in store are always there and happy to help you find your best fit, no matter what garment you’re looking for. Just ask, and they will help you. You can also find details on finish, waist level and other specifications on the product itself.

A little care guide to make your tights last longer

How to make your tights live longer

For a better fit give your tights a stretch before you put them on. 

To prevent them from damage, think tights first, jewellery next.

Tips to avoid holes

If there’s a small hole, use some nail polish to ensure you don’t get runs. 

To avoid holes in your tights from your shoes, add extra protection by wearing a thin step or sock on top.

Wash them carefully

Handwash your delicate hero pieces. But if you machine wash, avoid fabric softeners and always use a laundry bag for that extra love and care.