Real Talks

From feeling like falling through a black hole when finding out about the diagnosis in 2016 to living life here and now. "I found a few pictures online of women without breasts. They looked strong, I wanted to be like them. ”
Hear Hanna’s words on what her breast cancer journey was like.
" I think your lust for life grows when you've had death this close and it all ends with no, not today."
"No matter what is pumped into my body, my body is a natural survivor. And this new woman keeps going on."
"Before cancer I hated my breasts. Now I accept them and as long as they don't try to kill me, I'll like them."
"I've learnt a lot from this. It has changed me. I've become more confident and wise."
" I decided right away that I might look ill, but I am not going to be ill. Today I am a better version of myself."
"The doctor said that I was there in the nick of time. Seek help as soon as you notice anything."
"As far as I can tell now, I'm still in the midst of my life. All thanks to medical research."
"When they finally removed my breast, I was prepared and decided to enjoy life."
"The postive aspect of this is that I found an inner strenght I didn't think I had."