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      Your outfit starts with great briefs

      Regardless you choose boxer shorts, lace briefs or some of our other stylish underwear for women it's crucial to find the right model - your model. There is no worse thing than panties chafing, or sliding up or down. Here you find ladies panties that are both sleek and comfy, we have fits for everyone. Classic, boxers, thong, bikini and brazilian - in regular, high or low waist.

      Our briefs comes in many styles, go for lilac, pink, green, stripes, with dots or some of all the other lovely patterns and colours. We all prefer differently and therefor we have briefs in many different fabrics like soft cotton briefs, shiny microfiber or sheer lace.

      A pair of tailored panties can make big difference for the rest of your outfit. Match the slim trousers or the party dress with a invisible briefs with laser cut edges, which makes them invisible underneath a figure-fit outfit. Seamless is extra comfy since they don't have any seams to the sides.

      Functional briefs

      If you're up for training go for microfiber since it transports moisture better than cotton does. We also have functional briefs with shaping effect, high waist shaping briefs has a high level of support to gently firm tummies and shape hips. Shaping biker has long legs with a high level of support to gently firm tummy, buttom and shape thighs.

      Your look starts with underwear so choose your briefs with great care and wear with matching bra for a complete look and feel.

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