Kids’ outdoor trousers

Looking for outerwear trousers for your kids? Here you’ll find our assortment of shell trousers, rain trousers, ski trousers and other functional trousers. Choose trousers after season and activity – do they need to be waterproof, water repellent, windproof, or padded? Many of our outdoor trousers also have smart functions like reinforced knees, adjustable length, and elastic foot straps.
Keep the kids warm all winter with insulated and waterproof trousers
The cold and rainy winter season calls for some good protection against the weather. With our kids' waterproof dungarees and warm trousers your little adventurers can stay warm both on the playground and on the ski slopes. For withstanding long, rainy playdays outside we’ve got wind and waterproof shell trousers with 10,000 mm water column. If you're looking for some lighter weather protection, check out our water repellent shell trousers for boys and girls. Don’t forget to complement with a cosy jacket and some warm accessories. 
Weatherproof and practical details make outside play easier
We want to make active play and outdoor adventures easier. That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into details. Our winter trousers and winter clothes come packed with loads of smart functions. Reinforced knees and back provide added durability and withstand wear and tear from playing, skiing, hiking or whatever adventure they take on. 
To enhance comfort and functionality, we’ve also added comfy elastic waists, adjustable and removable braces and foot straps. They help create versatility in how your kid wants to wear their winter gear. Adjustable braces prevent slipping and help keep the trousers in place. The smart foot straps create a seal to your kids boots which prevents cold from getting in, especially useful in snowy conditions. When foot straps are worn out, they can easily be replaced with new ones from our clothing care collection.