Outerwear with superpowers

Our FIX label stands for Swedish quality since 1925. Made to endure the elements with up to 10000 mm water columns, these garments are tough on the weather, but easy on the kids. Soft shell jackets, waterproof trousers, comfy jackets, and durable overalls. All equipped with smart functions like taped seams and reinforced details, they will keep dry and stay comfy, no matter the weather. This is FIX.
Waterproof outerwear
Waterproof outerwear is your kids’ sidekick on rainy adventures. The ability to withstand at least 2000 mm of water pressure without leakage is the main requirement for a garment to be considered waterproof. In our FIX range you can find garments that withstand up to 10000 mm of water pressure.
Water repellent
Our FIX garments are BIONIC-FINISH® ECO water repellent. This treatment creates a surface ideal for functional outerwear and is free from perfluorinated compounds (PFAS). A finish that imitates functions already found in nature. Easier on the planet. Better for the kids.
Taped seams = leakproof
To make the garment completely waterproof the seams are sealed with a layer of thin waterproof tape. In other words, waterproof fabrics and taped seams make a sturdy shield against rain.
Reinforced bottom and knees
Because our FIX collection is aimed for active kids who love things comfy, we have paid extra attention to the bottom and knees for increased durability against abrasions. You’ll find those areas reinforced on all our FIX overalls and outdoor trousers.
Our FIX outerwear is made with fabrics that stop the wind while retaining the insulating properties of the garment. That’s why all our FIX jackets are also windproof. Choose a padded and windproof jacket to keep your child extra warm on chillier days.
Sturdy zippers
High quality outerwear deserves high quality and more importantly, durable fastening. That’s why all FIX outerwear is equipped with some of the sturdiest zippers on the market.
Reflective details
FIX outerwear features reflective details that meet the requirements for high-visibility clothing. These reflective details can be found on the zippers, the sleeves, legs, and back.
Breathable garments are the ideal option for active kids on chilly, drizzly days. Our FIX outerwear range is constructed of durable fabrics that wick out extra perspiration. Like that, your kid will stay comfy and dry no matter the weather.
Adjustable sleeves and legs
Kids grow fast, we know. With adjustable sleeves and legs, you can easily increase the garment’s length so that the child can wear it for longer. When it's time to pass it on, you can effortlessly restore it to its original size.
Removable fleece
Weather and seasons can change at an instant and then back again. When the temperature rises, you can easily remove the fleece lining and let your kid wear the outer layer like a shell overall with thinner layering. And when it gets colder again (as it so often does), you can put the fleece back on.
Smart functions
Our outerwear is marked with symbols that describe the functions of the garment. This makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for.
Waterproof with taped seams
Many of our garments can withstand 10000 mm of water pressure. Together with taped seams, the waterproof fabric will keep your child dry for sure, in both heavy rain as well as in wet snow.
Waterproof fabric 
One definition of waterproof fabric requires the material to withstand a water pillar over 2000 mm of water pressure without leaking. Keep your child dry and happy, throughout any type of downpour.
Water repellent
Water repellent in light rain and drizzle, and for playing in damp or muddy environments.
The fabric doesn't let the wind through. It stops the wind and keeps the insulating air by inner layers of clothes inside of the garment. A wind proof garment is very useful to keeping the wearer warm.
Our FIX outerwear garments are constructed of durable fabrics in breathable materials to wick out extra moisture. This function helps the wearer to keep dry.
Drying cabinet
The garment can be dried in drying cabinet at low temperature.
Taped seams
Seam sealing covers the tiny holes made by the needle in the sewing process, so they don’t leak, using a heat application of thin waterproof tape.
YKK Zipper
YKK is one of the world's largest zipper/zip manufacturers and they are known to have very high quality and durability. The front opening and the zipper are long enough to enable easy dressing and undressing.
Reflective details
Parts of the garment have reflective stripes. These reflective details can be found on the zippers, the sleeves, legs and back.
Reinforced knees and bottom
Reinforced details with extra durable fabric on knees and in back protect the garment against abrasions, maximizing the garment’s longevity.
Extended size solution
Expand the garment’s size with an easy adjustment and let your child wear it longer. When it's time to pass it on, you can effortlessly restore it to its original size.
Removable fleece
Removable fleece lining for quick changes in weather, season or activity. Wear the outer layer like a shell overall.
Even clothes feel better with the right care
Taking care of outerwear means it can last longer and be passed on to other kids without losing the garment’s functionality along the way.
A lesson in layers
Layer up from the inside and out. A smart way to keep them comfy and dry no matter the weather.
Preschool checklist
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