Kids’ sunglasses

Protect the kids’ eyes with our stylish sunglasses. Whether they like them heart shaped, wayfarer style or round – we've got them covered and safe from the sun. Browse all our kids' sunglasses here.
Children’s fun sunglasses for many occasions
No matter if you’re looking for junior sunglasses for a ski trip or for long days in the summer sun, we’ve got cool styles to fit your kids’ liking. Our comfortable boys' and girls' sunglasses are made to fit smaller heads. With colourful mirrored lenses, fun prints and matching cases – these sunglasses will hopefully be the little ones' favourites for many seasons to come.
Why do kids need sunglasses?
Kids' eyes are extra sensitive to UV-rays from the sun. Exposure to bright sunlight for a long period of time can lead to discomfort and strain on the eyes. To avoid damaging the little one's eyes, sunglasses are a must-have during summer and other sunny occasions. Don’t forget to complement the sunglasses with a sun hat  with UPF 50+ or a protective cap . 
At what age should kids start wearing sunglasses?
Babies under 12 months should be kept away from direct sunlight as much as possible. Caps and parasols are a great way to protect your little one, but sunglasses can also come in handy as a complement.  The younger your child is – the more susceptible they are to harmful effects of UV rays, so starting with sunglasses early is a good idea.