Kids’ hats & beanies

When the cold comes, a warming hat or a beanie is a must. Our assortment covers both thin jersey beanies, fleece-lined ones for a bit more warmth, cosy knitted beanies and super warm hats for really cold days. Going outside in the rain? Not to worry, we’ve got a hat for that as well.
Functional and comfy hats for every season
No matter rain or snow, we’ve got your little ones covered in the cold weather. Our beanies and hats are made to keep up with the active lifestyle of kids. With functions such as waterproof material, soft fleece linings and cosy ribbed materials, these pieces are sure to keep the little one's snug and warm. Let the kids choose between warm winter hats and wooly hats, pom pom hats or soft jersey beanies with fleece lining. These comfy pieces come with different patterns, structures and prints so that your kiddos can find something they like.
Keep the kids warm through the cold season
Did you know that a significant amount of our body heat is lost through the head? That is why wearing a beanie or hat greatly helps to retain warmth and keep the kids cosy through winter. A warm beanie provides that additional layer of insulation to help maintain body heat from within – especially important for little ones in the cold weather. It also makes outdoor play and other adventures a lot more fun.