Repair and care

Learning how to easily repair your clothes can be revolutionary as it stops your clothes from going to landfill. Also, it will teach us how to fall back in love with our wardrobe again. Because from ripped knees to loose bottoms, there's nothing a little mending can't fix.
Let's slow down our wardobes
Extending the life of your garments can be remarkably easy. Take your time and skip making it perfect.It's more fun that way. These three foolproof tips are a good start for making your wardrobe smarter, but also slower. Just how it should be.
Small holes and rips
Tiny rips in their favourite pyjama or t-shirt, can be quite the bummer. But there's an easy way to fix them. Start your stitches inside the garment, and work your way around the hole. Once you've reached your starting point, carefully pull the thread so that the hole contracts.
Using patches
Repair worn-out knees and make the jeans truly unique with an easy iron-on patch. Simply choose the perfect position for the patch, heat up your iron, and iron carefully on top of the patch. The result? A cool and personalized look, done your way.
The art of Sashiko
A trend in embroidery is Sashiko stitching and visible mending, and we love how easy it is to learn. You only need some scrap fabric, a long sewing needle, and a cotton embroidery thread. Cut out a piece of the scrap fabric that is a few centimetres longer and wider than the hole. Place the patch behind the hole and start your stitches with the garment turned inside out. Continue to create a running stitch in parallel lines across the patch, and tie a knot at the end of the thread when you've worked your way across the patch. Just like that you have extended the life of your jeans and made them uniquely yours.