Go for a sustainable style

We want to make it easy for you to dress sustainable.

With stylish pieces you really love and in materials that are both smart and kinder to nature. We call it Sustainable Choice. A category where we gather all our sustainable pieces. So you easily can find favourites which will last over time.


Did you know that 96% of all our cotton comes from more sustainable sources?
68 percent of our cotton is organic and more than 50 percent of our cotton pieces are GOTS-certified. A lot of numbers. But great numbers. Which we are really proud of - and numbers we think matters when you update your wardrobe. When you buy cotton garments from us, you support a more sustainable cotton farming through Better Cotton Initiative. Our goal is to produce 80 percent of our clothes from more sustainable processes as soon as next year.
It should be easy to choose right
We think it must be easy to think sustainable, act sustainable and to dress sustainable. Therefore we have given our production a lot of thoughts. For example, many of our garments are made from soft Tencel®. A material we are happy to offer you. Just like our swimwear collection made from recycled polyester. That's how we like to work.
Eco-Viscose is a sustainable material
We love the fact that so many of our pieces are made from EcoVeroTM, for example several of our shorts and our sleek leo top. Eco-Viscose is a natural fiber made of wood pulp from responsible forestry. A more sustainable alternative to conventional viscose that is. But still as airy and comfy to wear.
Go for a smart wardrobe to use over and over
By choosing pieces you really like to wear, your wardrobe will last longer. And you will always have something to wear. We think that's a smart wardrobe.