Spring prints are here.

It starts with a brief idea, then the magic happens and our designers bring a new print to life.

The result is comfy unisex baby garments, filled with playful details to wear and love every day. 

This spring we give you the cool crocodile from The Colour Pops and the lovely daisy from Soft Nature. Choose your darlings to mix and match to infinity.

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The crocodile is back
– The crocodile is a favourite print from last year's collection. Back then it appeared with other animals in a multi print. We realized we liked it too much to let it go. Therefore, we gave the crocodile a leading role this season, along with the lion, says designer Adalmina Piechal. 
The crocodile print comes in three colours: brown/turquoise, beige/green and a sunny yellow one. Which one will you go for? Team it with our classic stripes, even more print or wear it with something monochrome.
Flower power for babies
– The daisy also reminds us of a former favourite, the sunflower. We absolutely love the daisies and you will find them on both body suites and dresses in a soft green and a warm yellow tone. Team it with comfy denim or leggings and your baby is ready for new exciting adventures.
Giving life to new patterns
– When drawing new prints, we always have a first idea, maybe a playful picture we found or a popular pattern from earlier collections that we want to design in a new way. Sometimes we brainstorm together, playing around with new animals and test them to see if they fit our assortment. We also get inspiration from artwork and colour scales, says Adalmina Piechal.
True favourites that last longer
Lindex’ baby garments are always made to be soft and cosy. Comfort and mobility are super important. We make clothes for babies, exploring and enjoying life every day. And our items need to manage countless washes and have the quality to be passed on among siblings.
It’s GOTS certified
Oh, and yes, as all our baby items are always GOTS-certified or made of recycled materials. We only use organic cotton in our baby collections and all cotton garments are GOTS certified. That proofs that coloring, printing and every part of the production process are approved by the GOTS´ criteria. This is clothes made with fair terms. Hoorah!
A product marked with GOTS must be produced from at least 70% organic fibers and this standard covers even all the processes in the production such as yarn spinning, preparation and accessories until the garment is finished.