How smart is your wardrobe?

We salute warmer days, greenness and an updated spring wardrobe. This collection is made of sustainable materials, for example recycled polyester, Tencel™ and linen.


Sustainability is always super important to Lindex. And this collection is just one good example of that. We love giving you lots of inspiration to find your true favourites. To wear over and over. A smart wardrobe that is. Your Smart Wardrobe.


At Lindex we have a sustainable focus in everything we do and integrate sustainability in all our choices from how we design our garments to what material we choose, how we work with our supplier's chain, how we transport our items and make our customers take sustainable choices.
We call them fashion hacks
We always want to do better. Think smart and mindful. We believe you think exactly the same. So let's inspire each other to choose smart materials, create a wardrobe we really love and use, and to donate items we no longer use. Tips that actually make a difference. We call them fashion hacks. What are your best fashion hacks?
It’s magic mix
This is not just a knit. It's a sweater made of sustainable materials - a pretty magic mix of recycled cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel™. Wear it with the black wrap shirt and make sure you tuck it in.
Oh, and the skirt is made of EcoVero™. Eco-Viscose, a natural fiber made of wood pulp from responsible forestry. A more sustainable alternative to conventional viscose since it ensures as environmentally friendly production as possible with regard to climate, water and chemical management. Hurray!
Better choices
Did you know that this lovely shirt dress is grown in the forest? It's made out of Tencel™. Tencel™ is made of wood pulp from responsible forestry. A material produced with reduced environmental impact, since the production takes place in a closed cycle where about 99 percent of all process chemicals are recycled. It's also certified with Ecolabel. How great?
Wear it as it is or pair it with a pair of jeans and your good to go. And yes, all our denim is produced with reduced consumption of water and chemicals. We call it Better Denim. And we have plenty of jeans, a super smart item that is easy to style and make you all set in a second.
Time for spring jacket
The spring collection has your hero jackets. In classic denim. With a few twists we love. The modern collar. Belted waist. And the rolled sleeves. Throw it over a dress. Pair it with trousers. Or a classic t-shirt. The options are endless. Your Smart Wardrobe essential, we say. One that you’ll wear on repeat. Will you go for the soft blue or stylish white?
Put some colour on
It's all in the details. The details that are you. Maximize your look and express your personality with details you love. Put a patterned scarf in your hair. And add some colours to your nails. We have tons of spring colours to choose among. Mix and match different colours and try out new patterns. It's fun!