A new baby in town

Patterns to fall in love with, more sustainable fabrics and an irresistible softness.

In our brand new baby assortment we have left nothing to chance, and with two different design concepts you can be sure to find your own favourites.

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This is how Katarina Falk, buyer Kids’ wear, describes the new assortment:
“The assortment reflects our most important features: it´s soft, sustainable and with prints too good not to bring home. All our garments are of high-quality and with clever inventions such as the extended size solutions you get two sizes out of one garment. As your baby grows you can pass the garment on. That´s what we call garments made for long-lasting adventures.”
To make it even easier for our customers we’ve now also increased the baby assortment size range to 104 online. In that way, older kids also can enjoy the lovely garments.

A collection to fall in love with

The Soft Nature collection consists of soft and comfy baby garments inspired by the beauty of nature. The patterns are hand drawn, and here you find everything from flowers and cute forest animals to fun fantasy creatures. A toned down playfulness with muted colours such as pastels, white, beige, grey and brown. Simply, a collection to fall in love with. In case you can’t get enough of patterns (just like us) The Colour Pops just might be a baby collection for you. Bright yellow, cobalt blue, red, green and pink – just name a colour and you’ll find it. The Colour Pops is available in selected stores and online. 

One common thing for all our baby garments is that they always are GOTS certified or made from recycled materials. By choosing our more sustainable materials compared to conventional materials you help protecting the environment, animals and humans who work in production. That’s what we call a good deal.

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