A colourful guide to your favourite trousers

We love to serve you with new trends for trousers and fashion updates. But we also want you to stick to your style. Being you.

Use our pants guide to find your true style. Trousers you feel good in and wear over and over. And we're curious, will you go for colours?


How to choose the right trousers?
High waist, wide legs, slim fit, hidden buttoning, cropped legs. Haven't found your favourites yet? Use our pants guide to find the perfect match. We have all the styles made from fine materials. We call them Lykke, Bella, Jonna and Freja, just to mention a few. Once you've found your favourite you can wear and team it for forever. We think that's both smart and sustainable. And we're pretty sure you do too.
Think before you shop
–A pair of trousers really are the heroes in your wardrobe. Do you have ten pair of trousers, but only use two of them? Then maybe that is how many you need. Therefore, we encourage you to think before you shop and only go for your favourites. Smart and simple
Give new life to your clothes
Maybe you have a couple of trousers hanging in the wardrobe, never being used. So pass them on to a friend, to charity or to Lindex' textile recycling boxes in stores. Then you've got space for true keepers. Trousers you love to wear and to team forever and ever.