Lindex + By Malina

Margaux Dietz,
Nina Sandbech and AJ Odudu.

Three power women we adore.

The temperature just started rising. The Lindex + By Malina collab, inspired by the beaches of the Mediterranean, is everything you’ll ever need to pack for your summer holiday. Let us introduce the trio presenting the collection: Margaux Dietz, Nina Sandbech and AJ Odudu – three power women who knows all about personal style and female gaze.

Margaux Dietz

is an influencer and creator from Stockholm, Sweden. We asked her about Lindex vision “To inspire and empower women everywhere” and how she feels she contributes to this as a role model for many young women.

“Over 90% of my followers on Instagram are women, and
I often receive positive feedback from women in all ages, telling me how I’ve helped them believe in themselves.
I want every woman to feel beautiful in her own skin, and that’s why always being real is so important to me”.

Margaux favourite piece from the collection is the white singoalla top.

AJ Odudu

is a TV presenter, living in London, England. She is active and never backs down from a challenge. Her take on the vision To empower and inspire women is clear: “I am working in an industry where black women still are a minority. I feel only my presence sends a message that you still can push through – no matter your background or the colour of your skin”.

AJ’s favourite piece from the collection is the blue bikini. We totally get why.

Find it here

Nina Sandbech

from Norway has a huge passion for fashion, photography and design. She is really all about colour. She loves to inspire women to express themselves and be creative, not caring what others may think of you. “Girls need to support each other” she says with a big smile on her face.

Nina fell in love with the blue bathing suit and we can see why. She simply looks stunning.

Check it out here

The collection

26 pieces of summer that will take you from the beach to the party in no time at all. Because summer. Is effortless.

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