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Lindex 50-tal


In 1954, two gentlemen from Sweden founded an era that would impact the lives of a multitude of women. Ingemar Boman and Bengt Rosell open the lingerie store Fynd in Alingsås. Shortly thereafter, the Lindex company of Gothenburg is acquired, and this is the name then given in time to all the subsequent stores. The number of employees during the fifties is six and turnover amounts to SEK 100,000.

Lindex 60-tal


During the sixties the lingerie selection is complemented by women's wear, in particular jumpers and blouses. Operations are expanded to five stores. Turnover amounts to SEK 500,000 and the first Lindex store in Norway is opened. The opening is a success, as Lindex is one of the first clothing chains to open in the country.

Lindex 70-tal


During the seventies Lindex continues to grow in Sweden and Norway. The range is expanded and Lindex also becomes known for skirts and trousers. For trousers it's jeans in particular that really come out big. There are major changes in purchasing procedures, as almost all textile production is moved abroad. Turnover is now SEK 28 million and stores number 27.

Lindex 80-tal


The eighties see major changes for Lindex and expansion reaches record levels. During 1987, an average of one Lindex store is opened every other week. Lindex is now testing new markets such as Denmark, Great Britain and Finland. The range is expanded by children's wear, which turns out to be a very successful venture. At the end of the eighties, operations are focused on Sweden, Norway and Finland, with turnover of 2.2 billion and 227 stores.

Lindex 90-tal


In 1993 Lindex opens its first production office in Hong Kong and the company starts to make inspections to check that suppliers do not employ minors. The company's requirements on suppliers are increased and a code of conduct for all suppliers is introduced. During the nineties the company also starts to make serious efforts with regard to environmental issues. 1995 sees the start of Lindex Club - a club for all loyal customers. At the end of the nineties the trademark Fix is acquired, with colourful childrenswear of high quality. The number of stores is 298 and turnover amounts to 3.6 billion.

Lindex 2000-tal

21st century

Lindex launches a major effort to develop the Lindex concept. Fashion in Sweden was strongly influenced by fashion model Emma Wiklund's Fashion Report in the new millennium. Lindex looks east and starts its expansion in Central Europe, opening stores in the Baltic States as well as the Czech Republic. The Finnish listed company Stockmann becomes the new owner of Lindex in 2007 and with their help the Russian market opens up for Lindex, which opens its first store in St Petersburg in 2008. In addition, Lindex starts franchising operations in the Middle East. In 2007, Lindex Shop Online was launched in Sweden, which allows Lindex customers to also purchase Lindex fashion on the internet. Shop Online was launched in Denmark two years later. In autumn 2009, Lindex was recognised as "Fashion Chain of the Year" and "Best Design Concept of the Year" at a Swedish fashion gala. For the seventh year in a row, Lindex is the main partner in the Cancer Society's Pink Ribbon campaign, and Emma Wiklund is designing the "Pink Collection by Emma Wiklund". Later on in the autumn, Ewa Larsson will become the first external designer to design her own collection for Lindex - "Affordable Luxury". The expansion in 2009 focused eastwards, with Lindex opening its first stores in Slovakia and in the Russian capital, Moscow. At the same time, Lindex now has ten stores on a franchise basis in Saudi Arabia.

Lindex 2010


In 2010 there were several strategically important store openings in Europe, for example in the capital cities of Prague and Bratislava. The Lindex franchise entered the markets of Bosnia Herzegovina and Dubai, which is also Lindex's 400th store. Shop Online has now been launched in Finland and plans for an international launch have become official. 2010 was the first year that Lindex collaborated with an international designer, Narciso Rodriguez, who created the "Pink Collection by Narciso Rodriguez". The Pink Ribbon collection set a new record and Lindex and its customers collected SEK 7.2 million for breast cancer research.

Lindex is one of Europe's leading fashion retailers with over 470 stores in 16 markets. Our mission is to offer inspiring, affordable fashions. Lindex assortment covers several fashion concept in women's, kids's and lingerie for fashion-conscious women. Lindex is part of the Finnish-listed Stockmann group.

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