Choose Trousers, EUR 49,95
Choose Hat, EUR 24,95
Choose Bag, EUR 34,95
“The key tailored pieces in my wardrobe are definitely a perfectly cut dress, a great overcoat for Fall, and a perfectly-fitted pair of tailored pants.”
Choose Leather gloves, EUR 34,95
Choose Cardigan, EUR 34,95
It’s back to basics this season, with all your wardrobe staples in lush fabrics and neutral coloring – it’s truly effortless dressing that never goes out of style.
Choose Hat, EUR 9,95
Choose Loose jeans, EUR 49,95
Choose Bag, EUR 34,95
Coming soon Sweater, EUR 49,95
Coming soon Skirt, EUR 39,95
Choose Sweater, EUR 24,95
“Because I travel so much I love to be comfortable and wear clothes that have a really soft feel on the skin!”
Coming soon Necklace, EUR 19,95
“I wear a lot of knits, but an oversized sweater and a great knit scarf are definitely my must-haves! And any kind of striped knits, I absolutely love.”
Choose Jacket, EUR 69,95
Coming soon Polo sweater, EUR 49,95
Choose Soft Bra, EUR 22,95
Choose Thong, EUR 9,95
Amaze bras
(19,95-22,95 €)
Choose Charm Wirefree Bra, EUR 14,95
From the bare basics in black and white, to the daring and lacy in beautiful autumn shades, the NEW Lingerie has something to suit every body!
Choose Slim jeans , EUR 24,95
Choose Tunic, EUR 9,95
Colorful and comfortable!
The NEW kids collection will keep the little ones looking cool and cozy this winter.
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