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Spring essential lingerie

Great fitting lingerie is a must. Lovely lace, delicate details and sensational shapes are your little hidden secrets underneath your clothes. Perfect fit, fashion and good quality - all this you can now get with 20 % off. You can call it our fashion gift to you.


Pretty in pink or cool leopard.


Seductive black or a candy coloured set.

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Together for a better future

Lindex is since 2008 part of the worldwide organization the Better Cotton Initiative also known as the BCI. The main focus of BCI is to measurably reduce the negative effects of cotton cultivation from an environmental, financial and social perspective, while showing the financial advantages that follow from a resource-efficient cultivation. 98 per cent of all the cotton produced worldwide is still grown in a conventional way. Therefore, it is important to work to improve the large-scale conventional cultivation.

Better Cotton Initiative

Success and big progress for Lindex BCI cotton farmers

A few weeks was time for this year's follow-up, when Ann Åström, Purchasing Development Manager, once again visited Gujarat and the farmers there, to see what has happened during this year.

Despite bad weather and earlier monsoon rain this year, the farmers have thanks to new farming knowledge from the BCI project been able to increase their cotton production with larger harvests with 20-30%. This has mainly been achieved by replacing the previous way of irrigate the cotton fields with a more resource-efficient and targeted way - to irrigate the cotton plants by targeted water dripping. This has lead to a reduced consumption of water, better soil fertility, reduced working hours and more time for family. Increased yields have also lead to a better economy for the farmers. After they have finished their BCI training, they receive a BCI license that allows them to sell their cotton as BCI cotton, which benefits them since the demand of BCI cotton is growing, says Ann Åström.

Better Cotton Initiative

2013 Lindex have the ambition to really implement BCI cotton in the purchases and increase the demand on the market. Lindex goal is to at least double the numbers from 2012, and make at least 180.000 garments, maybe up to 350.000 garments. 2014 I hope that it is as natural to buy BCI cotton as it is to buy conventional grown cotton, says Ann Åström.

Read more about the BCI cotton here.

Better Cotton Initiative


Littlephant at Lindex


Name: Camilla Lundsten

Lives: Together with her partner Stefan and their son Tinin, 1, 5 years old

About: Camilla runs her own brand Littlephant which is sold in several countries around the world. She designs all the products, writes and makes books with the character Littlephant and his friends. She also works with Creative Direction for other brands and as a host and decorator for TV. Recently at the Swedish channel TV 4 and the program "Äntligen Hemma".

Passionate about: To inspire kids and adults to their own creativity and encourage their curiosity. She is passionate about the environment, animals and people. Taking care of old things, such as furniture, and creating something from the old. And of course all the fun that is going on with the character Littlephant and his world.

Fun bric-a-brac: Camilla is not just eclectic patterns and a lot of colours. She is born and raised in the archipelago of Stockholm and since she was little she had her on tool box. Instead of fixing the flat tire on the bike she was fixing up the boat or hammering on the playhouse when she was 10. Always dressed in her mother's strange creations from the Swedish design school Konstfack. Her parents were open-minded though and that is a huge part in her working in this field today.

Current: With and a new co-operation with Lindex where Littlephant for the first time makes clothes and as a new member of the magazine Family Living.

You'll find the collection here.

1249_Littlephant _01

Can you tell us a little about the co-operation with Lindex?

The Littlephant world has grown from the books with the character Littlephant in the leading role. As a writer and creator for children's books you have a huge responsibility for what is being written and drawn for the younger audience. The children's filter is not yet there when it comes to what is ok or not. They are in the middle of learning about life. When we now are making clothes the choice of co-operation partner is extra important. We care about how the clothes are produced as well as their functionality and design. The respect for humans, the environment and that the garment feels good to wear is something which Lindex really can live up to and are working actively with.

What inspired you when designing this collection?

It has been a close co-operation with Littlephant and Lindex (thank you Stina and the whole crowd for making it so fun!) and I think that we have inspired each other. But I have also thought from the children's perspective what works practically in their everyday life and what makes them happy. Me myself, I get happy by putting on something colourful and that feeling is visible throughout the collection.


Do you have a favourite item from the collection?

Colours give us energy and I like contrasts, such as a softer blue colour with a strong black line. It is hard to choose a favourite, since I like all the items. On a personal note I think it is as cool with striped pinky red trousers on a boy as well as on a girl. But perhaps that just me…

Describe Littlephant with four words:

Colourful, curios, creative and Scandinavian Tell us about the world where Littlephant lives: The world of the character Littlephant is mix of fiction and reality. Humans and animals speaks the same language, but all thinks different and from that exciting dialogues and collisions occurs. It is an adventure of both the small and big things. Raindrops can have different colours and if you wish really hard you can either get really tall or eat grass which tastes like peppermint rock. You'll also find lots of human questions about life, friendship, what's fair and not fair and the fact that things can be right and wrong at the same time.

Today there are eight picture books with Littlephant for toddlers (0-2 years). We are working on picture books for the older children (3-5 years) where you get to know the world of Littlephant, his family and his best friends Nina and Mascot. Have a look here to read more about them.


Lovely lingerie

A Christmas without the gorgeous lingerie sets is like a Christmas without carols. Here you'll find the perfect lace, frill and satin gifts.

 Luxury for her

Lindex Christmas



The Christmas store has opened online

The Christmas has started online with the perfect gift guide. Here you'll find the tips for the gifts to your friend, mother, daughter, son or why not yourselg? Choose between the classic flannel pyjama, modern and chic loafers in leo print, luxe lingerie and so much more.

You'll find our guides here:

Modern Gifts, Stylish Christmas, Luxury for Her, Classic Gifts och Gifts under 100.

Lindex Christmas


Gift guide for the kids

All the necessary items for the kids to celerbrate the wonderful Christmas time. We have it all at Lindex. How about the cosy gifts like soft pajamas and lovely and warm socks to wear in front of the fires? Not to mention the the party wear to put on for when Santa is coming?

Find the gift guides for kids here:

Cosy gifts & Gorgeous gifts

Lindex Christmas


Lindex Christmas card

Spread the joy! Send Lindex Christmas card to your Facebook-friends and get 25 % on one item at It's our early Christmas gift you you! Happy shopping!

Send Christmas card

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Statement Style

This autumn's party trend reflects the international catwalk with clear catchwords such as feminine, over decorated, gold glittering and festive. "Life is a stage" and we will do everything to be seen this autumn. We see glamorous tops with stones and pearls, brocade and jacquard fabrics, pants with new faces and decorations mixed with nicely knitted sweaters.


Key details

• Stones, pearls and decorations

• Black & gold

 • Scarf print

• Brocades, textures & embroidery

 • Lace & metallic


"The shimmering golden jacquard pants feel just right in winter. Style them with a simple top, but if you dare to be more fashionable and stand out on a party, style them with the peplum top in the same jacquard quality. Wearing a matching color from top to toe is a trend that has taken some time to grow strong, but now it finally seems obvious to more than just a few fashionistas."


"My absolute must have this autumn is the sweater decorated with stones and pearls. This is a perfect choice that can be matched with coated jeans as well as more dressed up pants for a cool look. This autumn's catch words for party clothes are "More is more", and what fits better than our "go all in" jacket? It's perfect!"

Find your runway look here


Shape up

Create a stunning silhouette. Magical wonders which shapes, holds in and corrects. Right now we have 20 % on all a shaping. You'll find your new favourites here.



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